How To Use MAME on Windows PC

How To Use MAME on Windows PC
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How To Use MAME on Windows PC
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If you want to learn about how to Use MAME on Windows PC then you came to the right place. Let me tell you that MAME is the best free open source emulator to reconstruct the hardware of arcade games systems on Windows, PC, Mac, BSD and Linux.

You may think that setting up MAME is easy but believe me it is not. It will be not easy for you if you are not a technical guy. There is much more after the configuration. Like which commands you should use, which directory you have to choose to put game files. That is quite a lot of stuff to comply with. But don’t worry just read the guide below and follow the instructions to learn How to use MAME on your Windows PC.

Below we will also guide you about how you can easily setup MAME. We will cover all the basic stuff to keep you going in this guide.

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How to Use MAME on your Windows PC

How to Use MAME on your Windows PC:

  • First of all you have to download MAME Binaries.
  • Now extract the files. When prompt for the directory appears, choose the directory of your choice.
  • After the extraction of your files in the directory of your choice, you have to download ROMs. You can download ROM for almost all arcade games and that is the best thing about it. I will suggest you to use legal ROMs.
  • Download the ROM but don’t extract it. Copy “MAME ROM ZIP” file and paste it in “:\mame\roms” folder (your directory).
  • Click on Start, then click Run and then Type CMD.
  • Type “cd\” and then press Enter. This will take you to the root directory.
  • Now type “cd mame”. It will take you to the MAME folder.
  • Now it is ready and time to start MAME. Type mame (space) your required game file name, which you want to use.
    g. mame bunny.
  • By using the command below, you can attach game pad or joystick with MAME.
  • Type MAME game name-joystick.
    g. mame bunny-joystick.

That’s all. Now your game is ready to use and your game ROM should run. For accessing the options press the TAB button. This is how to Use MAME on your Windows PC. If you find any difficulty installing MAME on your PC, you can ask for help in comments section below  or can also share your experience regarding using MAME.

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