Nokia 3310, The Classic Phone is Back

Nokia 3310, The Classic Phone is Back
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Nokia 3310, The Classic Phone is Back
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The new Nokia 3310 was one of the most talked about devices at the Mobile World Congress happened this year. This year a $50 feature phone that managed to create a buzz and everyone was talking about it on different social media platforms as compared to the premium handsets that generally capture the limelight. It surprises us that how this basic phone managed to capture the attention of people in the presence of flagship smart phones. Let’s discover about this ‘buzzworthy’ device right now.

Nokia 3310 comes with a Camera & Colorful Display

The new Nokia 3310 is developed with a 320 x 240 colorful display that is pretty different from the previous 84 x 84 monochrome display. As the monochrome display is the story of the past so it is quite attractive that new Nokia 3310 came up with colorful display. This device runs the simple Nokia Series 30+ which is quite reasonable for performing basic tasks.

Nokia 3310-2

The new and attractive feature is that the new Nokia 3310 includes a 2MP camera that also adds as another addition that has been made to complement the colorful display. As Nokia 3310 is not claiming to be the Next Big Thing so it is staying true to its roots, which is good.

Durability and Design of Nokia 3310

As we all remember that Nokia 3310 was ‘indestructible’. It remained intact even with repeated falls due to its sturdy screen and the design. We even didn’t have to worry about breaking its screen if it slipped from our hand unlike with our smartphones. It was so strong that even water could not damage it. You can simply take the battery out and let the battery and the mobile dry out completely and the phone is working again. Mostly people let it dry in the sunlight which was also a good solution.

The team at HMD Global has kept that thing in mind and worked on similar lines with the new Nokia 3310. The phone follows the same ‘durable’ design philosophy but it is lighter than before. The previous Nokia 3310 was 22mm thick and weighed 133g but the new Nokia 3310 is 12.8mm thick and weighs 79.6g.

New Snake Game

Nokia 3310-3
                                                 Photo Credits: The Verge

As we all know that the classic Nokia was so famous because of its Snake game. So how it could be possible that the new Nokia comes without it? The new Nokia 3310 comes up with new and improved Snake game named Snake Xenzia. This version has been developed by Gameloft. The new game consists of different maps and series of levels along with the classic survival mode. The snake needs to eat the apples that appear on the map and different power ups are also included. Don’t forget to catch the scissor, as it will cut the length of your snake. The game looks amazing with the new colorful display and keeps you addicted towards it. The most fantastic part is that you don’t have to worry about the battery life as it doesn’t eat up the battery.

Astounding Battery Life

Nokia 3310-4

One of the things people remember about the classic Nokia 3310 along with the Snake Game was its amazing battery life. You can go on for more than a week with just one charge. But the new Nokia 3310 even goes ahead of that and provides an astonishing battery time. With a single full charge it provides 22 hours of talk time and can last up to 31 days in the standby mode. The battery is also removable that is one of the selling factors of this device.

Affordable Price

After reading you will how much does it cost. The price of this new Nokia 3310 is $50. This will be its second selling point along with the battery life. So I am expecting this device will sell like hot cakes as it offers vibrant color range i.e. Blue, Red, Black and Yellow.

This phone offers convenience and function at a very affordable price and does not pretend to be a full feature smartphone. It is a basic feature phone for the people who love simplicity.

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